Allgood worked with Odyssey Engineering Group, to develop the utilities and pavement for Camellia Section 2 consisting of 24,000 Square Yards of Pavement, 5,500 Feet of Water Line, 7,000 Feet of Sanitary Line, and 5,000 Feet of Storm Sewer.  Odyssey Engineering wanted to incorporate a delayed drainage system, that allowed the subdivision streets to be free of standing water during a heavy storm. The use of a focal point system consisted of six detention ponds throughout the section. These ponds were landscaped and constructed to hold water over a short period of time, allowing the street runoff to retain into the pond while the pond had a delayed drainage to its nearest water source. The detention ponds and street excavation consisted of over 62,000 Cubic Yards that were all hauled offsite accordingly. Total Project Duration, 365 Days.